The Urlnosql module for Magento


  1. Module presentation
    1. Description
    2. Access and configuration
    3. Redirects of product urls
    4. Installation and uninstallation
  2. Module download and demo
  3. Support

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Module presentation


This module replaces the management of Magento products urls in order to avoid using the core_url_rewrite table.
The products address is built with attributes, like: id-brand-color.html (the id is always at the beginning).

Access and configuration

Configuration available in System » Configuration » Tools » Product URL rewrite.
Available in the Product URL rewrite tab in products management.

Screenshot of the configuration
Screenshot of the configuration (1/2)
Screenshot of the product tab
Screenshot of the product tab (2/2)

Redirects of product urls

The not visible individually products, attached to a configurable product or to a grouped product, are automatically redirected to the parent product (301 redirect). In case of change in attributes or values, old addresses will be automatically redirected to the new ones (301 redirect).

To redirect deleted products to the new ones, you must create a unique and global product text attribute, before entering it in the module configuration. Then, on each product page, it remains only to use it to register the old products ids (separated by a comma).

Installation and uninstallation

Nothing simpler with Magento connect (or by decompressing the module archive in the Magento root).
To get the extension key, don't stop reading :) ...

For uninstallation, having uninstalled the module with Magento connect, all that remains is to erase the configuration:

DELETE FROM core_config_data WHERE path LIKE "urlnosql/%";

Module download and demo

Demo: configuration / example

Extension key:
Download of the latest version: luigifab-urlnosql-2.5.2.tgz (md5 7a2474a42af58214711406e8f61304ca)
GitHub repository:

Tested with Firefox 27/45/57, Chrome 29/63, Opera 49, IE 11, Edge 14 on Magento with PHP 7.1 and MariaDB 10.1.
Tested with Firefox 45 on Magento / / / / / with PHP 7.1 and MariaDB 10.1.


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