1. Install and updates
    1. Install procedure
    2. Updates procedure
    3. For Magento and Redmine
  2. Application size

Install and updates

Install procedure

  1. Download the latest version from the download page.
  2. Get the following files from the downloaded archive and put them in your directories:
    • zip/apijs.min.js
    • zip/apijs-screen.min.css
    • zip/apijs-print.min.css
    • images/apijs/*
    • fonts/apijs/*
  3. Integrate the first three files in your web page header.

Updates procedure

  1. Delete all the files.
  2. Restart the install procedure.

For Magento and Redmine

Application size

The first table shows what will be downloaded during the page loading, the second one, shows what will be downloaded during the use of the apijs.

file size gzip size
zip/apijs.min.js 60.20 kB 15.22 kB
zip/apijs-screen.min.css 10.84 kB 2.92 kB
zip/apijs-print.min.css 0.99 kB 0.50 kB
1js+2css 72.03 kB 18.64 kB
file size gzip size
images/apijs/tv.gif 8.64 kB 8.63 kB
images/apijs/load.png 5.93 kB 5.12 kB
fonts/apijs/fontello.woff2 4.48 kB 4.50 kB
1gif+1apng+1woff 19.06 kB 18.25 kB
1js+2css+1gif+1apng+1woff 91.09 kB 36.89 kB