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All files (including documentation and translations) are licensed under the terms of GNU GPL 2.0+ license. That being said, some files come from other projects and are under other licenses. For more information, read the COPYRIGHT file.

For the module for Magento, read the module documentation for Magento.
For the plugin for Redmine, read the plugin documentation for Redmine.

APIJS Version 5.3.0 (01/01/2017)
APIJS Magento Version 5.3.0 (01/01/2017)
APIJS Redmine Version 5.3.0 (01/01/2017)
APIJS Version 5.2.0 (14/06/2015)
APIJS Magento Version 5.2.0 (14/06/2015)
APIJS Redmine Version 5.2.0 (14/06/2015)