The Shortcuts plugin for Adminer


  1. Plugin presentation
    1. Description
    2. Installation and uninstallation
  2. Plugin download and demo
  3. Support

Don't forget that the present documentation is only about the latest version of the module.
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Plugin presentation


This plugin allows to filter the tables list by name.

Screenshot of the search bar
Screenshot of the search bar

Installation and uninstallation

After downloading the plugin, put the PHP file in the plugins directory.
Read the page how to use a plugin on the Adminer website.

Plugin download and demo

Download of the latest version: (md5 4005d46d4078f59823a1a6c0ac6a3420)
See also:
GitHub repository:

Tested with Firefox 27/45, Chrome 29/65, Opera 52, IE 11, Edge 14 on Adminer 4.3.1 / 4.4.0 / 4.5.0 / 4.6.2 with PHP 7.1.


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